How To Upcycle Your Old Stuff

By Neokentin

The best things in life are free. This adage proves to be especially true when it comes to repurposing your old stuff into something not only beautiful but usable as […]

Eclectic – Table Made from Old School House Door, Corn Shucker Gears, Yardstick, Pallets and Machinist Lamp

By Neokentin

The top is an old door from a schoolhouse in Wisconsin. Originally there was a tack board material on it for thumbtacking papers. The door knob has a lever mechanism […]

Make Old New Again: Quick & Easy Upcycle Home Décor Ideas

By Neokentin

When you’ve lived in a space for quite some time, reinventing it seems like the natural thing to do. Rather than investing a ton of money on purchasing brand new […]

Wooden Logs Desk Lamp

By Neokentin

A desk lamp made with wooden logs. Cut and drilled to pass the cable and then each log is fixed to another one with white glue. Una lampara de madera […]

Steampunk Gears Whimsical Wood Black Telephone Upcycled 2-port Usb Charger Lamp

By Loftyideas4u

I call this Light “Chatter Box” and or “Walkie Talkie” as it’s a replica of a vintage wooden wall phone. This phone has been creatively repurposed into this whimsical steampunk character phone. It’s not only a Lamp but also a piece of art that is practical. The front tray holds your phone while it charges as well as charging your tablet on the inside. The USB charger is located on the inside and has 2-ports. The Edison Light Bulb along with the Steampunk gears, give this “Chatter Box” the character that will make a fun statement in your Urban Loft Space.

Modern Minimal Office Design With Repurposed Pallets


During the last years, the biggest trend in home decoration and design is to recycle and reuse old and often useless or heterogeneous materials in any form. In Amsterdam, the […]

Diy: Ombre Watercolored Box

By One O

I’ve been loving watercolor graphics for a while now but hadn’t ever made a real craft with it. Probably because I can’t think myself as any kind of painter, and […]

Pallet Kids Desk

By Neokentin

I made this desk with two recycled wooden pallets. It took me several days to complete it. After finished the structure, I paint it and I also made decoupage art […]

Recycled Cardboard Removable Desk

By Neokentin

This removable cardboard desk was made with recycled cardboard. If you want to take it with you, separate the tray from the legs and shelves… The trestle is also removable […]

Table Basse Et Haute 2by1 En Bois De Palettes / Modular Pallet Coffee Table

By Neodim

This coffee table made with recycled pallet wood becomes high in 2 steps. This table can be turned into a side table, console or desk. A dark side to the […]

Tribute To Old Car Industrial Desk

By Neodim

Ce bureau de type industriel est entièrement construit autour de tiroirs métalliques et d’une authentique façade de Fiat 500 recyclée, il s’agit ici d’un parfait exemple d’upcycling. Constitué d’une structure […]

Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Manoteca

By Neodim

Manoteca is a design studio located in Bologna (Italy) focusing on reclaimed furniture design. The piece presented here  is called “outdoor”, it’s a  table built from an old exterior door. […]

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