Steampunk Gears Whimsical Wood Black Telephone Upcycled 2-port Usb Charger Lamp

Steampunk w/ Gears Whimsical Wood Black Vintage Replica Telephone, Up-cycled w/ 2-port USB Phone/Tablet Charger Desk Lamp.

This Black Telephone / Charging Station is used as a Steampunk Lamp. The Telephone itself is a Replica of a Vintage hanging phone. The Wooden box opens and closes as shown along with a storage compartment for charging your phone on the box front side as shown in photos.

Wooden legs and feet have been added to add character and whimsical humor. We call this lamp our little “Chatter Box” and or “Walkie Talkie.” The humor is what makes this lamp such a great light for any space. The surface on the front and side are covered with randomly placed gears that represent all the different colored metals. Some twisted copper wires side handle and hanging 40 watt Edison light bulb complete the Steampunk look.

The 40 watt Edison light bulb hangs and simulates where the original earpiece would have hung. It also has a vintage twisted cloth lamp cord that replicates that of the vintage phone cord. The inside has a USB charging station with 2-ports and allows you to charge your phone as well as your tablet as shown in photos. There is also a twist ON/OFF switch which allows you to turn the light off separately.

All wiring has been updated to brand new UL Listed and a twist on/off switch is located on the inside of the charging station. The lamp cord itself measure five ft in length.

Approx. Measurements: Length 11″ X Width 9″ X height 23″
Approx. Weight: 7 lb

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