Curlywurly Inner Tube Accessories: The New Vegan Leather

By Laura_Zabo

The new ZABO curlywurly accessory collection is made entirely out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes.

Hardly Wasted Artworks: Photography on Recycled Timber

By Hardlywasted

Hardly Wasted Artworks. An original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography mounted onto a recycled/re-purposed piece of timber.

Upcycled Fashion Accessories by Laura Zabo

By Laura_Zabo

Check out Laura Zabo’s gorgeous eco-friendly fashion collection, made entirely of repurposed bicycle tires.

Stone Art

By Katrin Ka

These beach stones were hand-decorated in the author’s technique called “Stone Tattoo“.  Natural river rocks are healing and have great energy. There’s something relaxing and calming about the feel and […]

Little Red Chicken Coop

By 100rings

These pieces are made completely from rescued, recycled and repurposed materials. Nothing is wasted here and each piece is green and sustainable. Searching the streets and parking lots of my […]

Eco-friendly Jewellery

By Mandarina

Inspired by mandarin lamps and sea shells, these upcycled necklaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. An extended search for colors and shapes result in fashion accessories that are trendy […]

The Lightest Earrings Made From Repurposed Cans

By Neodim

Hello folks! I’m Edi Oetinger, designer and owner of – eco friendly jewellery, handmade in Pembroksehire. u.k The idea has been slowly! But surely distilling away in the back of […]

Playful Jewelry with a Fairly Classic Line Focused on Eco-friendly and Natural Materials

By Paola Fornasier

I divide myself between Rome and a small greek island in Aegean sea. From the sea comes the name of my shop, Egeo that in italian is the Aegean sea, […]

Custom Bike Innertube Bracelets

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled bike tubes have been handcrafted into original art pieces for your wrist. Each bracelet is unique; no two look alike. The posted photos show a conceptual design that […]

Decorative Bike Enthusiast Wine Gift Box

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed Upcycled bike components have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. Each box is unique; no two look alike. The posted photos show a conceptual design that […]

Recycled Tarpaulin Bags

By Neokentin

Tote bags made up of used tarpaulin.

Bracelets From Colorful Upcycled Bicycle Tires

By Neokentin

Tire bracelet from “Felvarrom” upcycled / recycled cycling apparel manufacture! All tire bracelets are made from carefully selected, high-quality, colorful recycled bicycle tires. All the recycled materials Felvarrom uses are […]

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