Playful Jewelry with a Fairly Classic Line Focused on Eco-friendly and Natural Materials

I divide myself between Rome and a small greek island in Aegean sea. From the sea comes the name of my shop, Egeo that in italian is the Aegean sea, inspiration for my creative jewelry made out of eco-friendly and natural materials like paper, corrugated cardboard and terracotta. Colors, shapes and materials come from the nature, the earth, the sea.
The idea of re-use, especially in my works with paper, is born from my daily life in the island. Here you often have to use your imagination to build something that is impossible to find in the few shops of the island.
Often you see objects reused in other forms: a can of tomato paste with inside a sunflower shines on a terrace, a glass bottle becomes a romantic candle holders anti wind… I like the idea to give a new life and a new identity to an object that would be otherwise destined to die: a boring computer magazine now could go for a walk on the neck of a beautiful girl!
I image my jewelry worn by original and bizarre women who loves playful and amusing modern jewelry but with a fairly classic line focused on eco-friendly and natural materials.







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Sarah Burgay

Some inspiration for you Orsetta Hosquet

Laure Francoli

les parapluies de déco made in asia” sur les glaces!!!!!!!

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