Fan-tastic Upcycling Idea: Repaired Fan Gains New Stylish Life

I rescued this old, damaged fan from the threat of the trash bin. I repaired and upcycled it with some pretty ribbon that I glued on. I had to glue small sections of fabric to get the correct curve, but the brown polka-dot pattern goes nicely with the base color of the project piece. Now, this fan is back in service!

Don’t throw it out! Repair and upcycle your project, like this Fan, instead!

This broken item was destined for the rubbish heap. It still worked but was unattractive.

This Fan was broken, and although it still worked, it was unattractive.

I upcycled some ribbon and glued it on over the exposed ends of the project. I had to cut the fabric into several small pieces to create the proper curve without creating wrinkles.

I upcycled some ribbon and glued it on over the exposed ends of the Fan. I had to cut the ribbon into several small pieces to create the proper curve without creating wrinkles.

After the glue dried, I trimmed the edges neatly with a pair of scissors.

After the glue dried on the fan, I trimmed the edges neatly with a pair of scissors.

My project, back in service!

My fan, back in service!

Upcycled Chairs Get New Life With Snazzy Seat Covers

Rescue those old chairs sitting for curb alerts and give them a budget-friendly facelift. Use fun and cheery material found at swap meets or flea markets to save more money when you’ve upcycled chairs, too!

Take a chance on those curb alerts and create Upcycled Chairs or other furniture for your home!

Make Upcycled Chairs and save twice the money.
Step 1: find some free or cheap old chairs that need a little attention. Step 2: Upcycle some fabric. Move to Step 3: Attach it to the seat bottom (and back as appropriate). Finally, Step 4: My finished chair!
Upcycled Chairs include a great barstool.
We upcycled a nice barstool too.
This terrific old chair is the next Upcycled Chairs project.
This terrific chair is next.

Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging Will Make Packages Sparkle!

I made Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging using old clothes, fabric scraps, yarn, and other leftovers from my craft room. Embroidery and embellishments added sparkle!

Upcycle old clothes and fabric into stunning Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging!

I composed a flat fabric on my sewing machine and covered it with organza for a more festive look. Next, I embroidered with my stitching machine. I added some hand-stitching and details that added holiday sparkle. This project was fun, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to be GORGEOUS! They’ll love receiving gifts in these personalized gift bags!

Fabric Christmas Packaging is made using upcycled fabric scraps, trim, and old clothes.
Look at all of these adorable little gift bags! And, I made them with leftover fabric and old clothes! Make them for your family & friends!
Fabric Christmas Packaging lets you express your personal style and creativity.
Have fun and trim out the bags any way you choose.

Although we don’t have directions for these terrific gift bags, we included a link to the Silver Threads Quilt Guild with a free tutorial for sewn gift bags.

You’ll love these Computer Bugs!  Make a Reindeer-Rific Advent Calendar using pallets!

Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers

Here’s a fun and cheery idea for any office worker with disappearing pen problems. Make these Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers! It would be hard to “accidentally” put a gorgeous pen like this into one’s purse. :)

Here’s how to make your own Festive Upcycled Tulle Flowers

First, cut little circles from upcycled party favors, or any fun, sheer material. Used stores are a great source of materials to upcycle on a budget, but you can purchase tulle and similar sheer, net materials from hobby/fabric stores. Use a simple hand-stitch to gather the circles up – like creating a little bag. Next, wrap the bottom of the gathered circle in florist’s tape and attach it to a stick or wrap it in florist’s wire. You can add optional fake flower stamen. This is a really quick project (max. 10 minutes per flower) and is so fun to make different types of flowers. Unleash your imagination, and even have the kids create fantastical flower creations for you on a rainy day!

You can read more about these flowers here!

Upcycle any sheer cloth that has a bit of body to it in this fun, fast project!

Have an old prom dress that’s out of style, but has layers of sheer material? Now you know what to do with it!

Polka dots and sheer lacy materials are great flowers!

Unleash your creativity and thrifty crafting skills with this Upcycled Tulle Flower project!

Thanks for sharing! Now how about making a pallet flower wall?

Hand Knit Infinity Wrap Scarf Using Upcycled Fabrics

Video Tutorial: Want a fashion-forward, Earth-friendly garment? Learn how to hand knit an Infinity Wrap Scarf using your hands! No special tools are necessary!

Learn how to hand-knit your own luxurious Infinity Wrap Scarf!

Check out these video clips to show you the technique to knit your own scarf. Upcycle materials or you can even buy big, chunky yarn now!

Infinity Wrap Scarf1
Infinity Wrap Scarf2
Infinity Wrap Scarf3
Infinity Wrap Scarf4
Infinity Wrap Scarf5
Infinity Wrap Scarf6
Infinity Wrap Scarf7
Infinity Wrap Scarf8

Great work! Now you’ll need some Custom Hangers to hold this beautiful creation when you’re done!

Diy Beeswax Food Wraps

Today I’m showing you how to make these beeswax food wraps in just five minutes, with this really easy tutorial. As well as making a great eco-friendly alternative to cling film, the tutorial also uses up some of your old fabric scraps that might otherwise go to waste. The beeswax wraps are washable and reusable, and help keep your food fresher for longer. When the wraps lose their waxiness, simply re-wax the fabric for true zero waste food storage.

You can follow the tutorial @Moral Fibres to make these beautiful but practical beeswax food wraps.

Upcyled Vintage Sari And Kimonos Transformed Into Beautiful Bags At Stacy Ellis Design

Retired Sari and Kimono fabrics are given new life by Stacy Ellis Design. Shipments of silk fabric from India and Japan are delivered to my home studio in San Diego California. I give the beautiful remnants new life as bags and totes. The silks that I have chosen are dazzling and delightful to the eye. My design aesthetic is to frame the silks with simple patterns that compliment the design and facilitate the functionality of the finished product. Silk is a tricky fabric to cut and sew. After inspecting the fabric for defects, I reinforce the silk with interfacing which makes the silk sturdier for fabrication. I create the bags for personal use well as sell them locally and via Etsy. Each bag is a unique work of art, and that’s why I affix my signature on the label.

Old Leather Jacket Into Cushion

Unpick slowly, slowly, the leather jacket. I took action, I added bits and sewed one pillowcase with a leather face and the other black corduroy. To decorate, I cut three strips of 2 or 3 cm wide, I folded and trimmed the ends. With 2 points of contact cement, I added flowers to the cushion.

Slip Covers For Electronic Gadgets

Preparing the textile samples involved separating them from their folders which happily proved straightforward. Next, I researched the dimensions of the trending phones, pads & laptops, not the most interesting stage in the process but easily accessed. Most of the work were completed on my sewing machine with finishing second hand sewn. The whole project was completed within two working days with a satisfyingly large body of finished work, a relatively rare outcome for me.

Recycled Clothing Into Poseable Art Doll Ringtailed Lemur

This creation is SOLD. Meet “Zipper” He is a poseable art doll made from Recycled Clothing. He is completely poseable! Zipper is an original character creation of mine. He is handmade with wire, polymer clay, acrylic paint, faux fur and love. All of my animals are made from recycled materials and clothing! Thank you for your supporting and sharing my art!