Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging Will Make Packages Sparkle!

I made Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging using old clothes, fabric scraps, yarn, and other leftovers from my craft room. Embroidery and embellishments added sparkle!

Upcycle old clothes and fabric into stunning Upcycled Fabric Christmas Packaging!

I composed a flat fabric on my sewing machine and covered it with organza for a more festive look. Next, I embroidered with my stitching machine. I added some hand-stitching and details that added holiday sparkle. This project was fun, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to be GORGEOUS! They’ll love receiving gifts in these personalized gift bags!

Fabric Christmas Packaging is made using upcycled fabric scraps, trim, and old clothes.
Look at all of these adorable little gift bags! And, I made them with leftover fabric and old clothes! Make them for your family & friends!
Fabric Christmas Packaging lets you express your personal style and creativity.
Have fun and trim out the bags any way you choose.

Although we don’t have directions for these terrific gift bags, we included a link to the Silver Threads Quilt Guild with a free tutorial for sewn gift bags.

You’ll love these Computer Bugs!  Make a Reindeer-Rific Advent Calendar using pallets!


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Upcycle That - https://youtu.be/04RkdPcuW9c
Upcycle That - https://youtu.be/04RkdPcuW9c

This is a really cool idea for upcycled gift wrap!

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