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Upcycled T-shirt to Necklace

By Craft and Fun

Turn an old T-shirt into a creative necklace.

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Suit Jacket

By GreenDevil

Beautiful bag made from tweed jacket and colorful old ties. The strap is made from the legs of a pair of jeans.

Upcycled Princess

By Neokentin

These dresses were headed to the landfill, instead of trashing them, I revamped them and created an editorial photo-shoot with my friends. Like my Facebook page (Discarded Couture) to see […]

Tagged (By Mr. Nelson)

By Neokentin

WireWorks assemblage using used teabags, coffee filters and recycled fabrics into a nice butterfly. More recycled art on my website day4art :)

Ugly Recycled Dolls Brooches

By Neokentin

URD are handmade dolls-brooches, made of old garments, metal components and Fimo. Packaging is also fully recycled,each one comes in recycled can. Dolls made with love 4 you to love them <3 […]

Show Piece from Junk Choco Boxes

By Neokentin

I made this bathing beauty show piece from thrash lying around the house post a party. The girl is made up of wires which were pulled out of the packaging, […]

Upcycled Textile Snails

By Neokentin

Cute little snail scultptyre handmade in Australia from upcycled fabric (discarded linen remnants) by Willowynn. A nice eco-friendly gift for all the snail lovers :)

Mythic Electric Collection By Joann Berman

By Neokentin

This collection is a group of furniture pieces rescued, rejuvenated and reincarnated. “Mythic Electric” is the name of this collection as the feeling is colorful, dynamic and ELECTRIC!

Denim Patchwork Rug

By Neokentin

I made this patchwork rug from 6 pairs of jeans. Playing with different shades and gradients from navy and indigo to faded blue and gray, I achieved an illusion of […]

Men’s Tees to Womens Tee – Upcycled

By Neokentin

Tips on how to make two men’s short sleeve T-shirts into one women’s long sleeve t-shirt.

Diy: The Reversible Tote Bag

By Neokentin

The tote bag is an essential accessory for everyday life: it’s used to take your lunch to work/school, to carry groceries, or your gym clothes to work!  The tote bag […]

Hats From Recycled Sweaters

By Neokentin

We are the team Sewing Corporation from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We recycle woolen old vintage sweaters and sew hats of them. Also we take men’s shirts and make dresses of them.

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