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Upcycled Thrift Store T-shirt into Pillow Cover

By Neokentin

I bought this t-shirt at the thrift store for $1.99 and turned it into a pillow cover in less than an hour! I cut out the front then two pieces […]

Upcycled Tee Robot

By Agy

A stuffed toy robot made from old T-shirts!

A Family's Treasured Clothing Made into a Quilt for Their New Baby

By Neokentin

This quilt for new baby, Billie, was a team effort. It is made from her mother’s wedding dress, her father’s work event shirts, and pajamas, a necktie, and underwear (yes, […]

Upcycling Old Cushions

By Agy

Upcycled old cushions with scrap fabric.

Recycled Owls

By Neokentin

Given my passion for owls, I made puppets from old sweaters, socks and leg warmers, adding imagination, color and originality.

Recycled Set-design

By Neokentin

An editorial upcycled set-design from Discarded Couture.

Flat Felled Seam Denim Bag

By Neokentin

My tutorial using only the flat felled seams from jeans and a machined zig zag stitch to create a durable tote bag. It can be lined if desired.

One of a Kind Up-cycled Patchwork Shawls

By Neokentin

Each shawl is made from a collection of re-purposed fabric that I have chosen specifically for each unique piece. The fabric varies from cotton, velvet, silk, jersey knit, spandex, and […]

Diy: How to Make a Bow Tie

By Neokentin

This is a DIY video I put together on making your bow tie. I used fabric from pillow cases and leftover scraps to upcycle the design. You can also use […]

Mostri Mostrissimi© - Monsterest Monsters Made Of Textile Scrap

By Neokentin

Mostri Mostrissimi© – the Monsterest Monsters – pretend to be dangerous creatures, but they came to our city to save us. Adopting M*M you help them with their mission. They […]

Potholder From An Old T-shirt

By Neokentin

Unique and budget-friendly. I invented a fun way to recycle old T-Shirt, making it useful items for your home. It ‘s very straightforward: just cut a T-Shirt in a circular […]

Nutella Clock

By Neokentin

After more than 20 years of crafts and DIY I have decided to show around some of my work in the spirit of eco-design (recycling, hacking, etc). Hope you like […]

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