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Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

By ecogreenlover

Repurpose a soil bag and turn it into a draw-string bag.

Photographs of America’s Recyclables: an Overview

By Neokentin

So far as America is concerned, the real picture of waste is quite different from what is experienced by people across the globe. People in the country, in spite of […]

Amazing Portraits Telling the Story of Consumption & Waste

By Neokentin

As inhabitants of the planet, what we consume as well as discard or throw away together form a vivid narrative of human health as well as the health of this […]

Garbage Dress by Robin Barcus

By Neodim

Here is one of the most iconic dress ever made. Ephemeral, strange, but still looking good ! It was the work of Robin Barcus we already featured here. What she […]

Recycled Tarpaulin Bags

By Neokentin

Tote bags made up of used tarpaulin.

Landscapes Created with Discarded Envelopes

By Neokentin

Brooklyn-based artists Sarah Nicole Phillips creates collages with discarded, patterned office envelopes collected from her own life and the lives of her friends and family. She began working with the […]

20 Toys To Make From Trash!

By Neokentin

Big Spring Environmental is a waste management company in Huntsville, AL. We gathered these fun ideas to help others create something from trash instead of just throwing it out. Check […]

Sculptures From Recycled Found Objects

By Neokentin

Halfway between neglect and oblivion, these monikakos empiezaron to poke relief. Pieces of wood, metal parts, plastics, leather, screws, rope, some color, some lived. All with some history, all with […]

Borboletas Delirantes / Upcycled Tables

By Neokentin

The drawing is very simple, two Monarch butterflies. I am proud of this furniture; that was created, literally, with wood’s leftovers that I found on the floor. The garbage gained […]

The Plastic Art Of Luke O'donnell

By Neokentin

Luke O’Donnell is an artist working in dissolved plastics and plastic chip mosaics. With a broad series of themes including beautiful plants and cats, his aim is to halt the […]

Illuminated Garbage Bags

By Neodim

For their latest intervention titled “Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum,” Spanish performance collective Luzinterruptus created a large scale installation consisting of 5,000 colorful plastic bags filled with air, piled up […]

Trash Bird

By Neokentin

I made these trash birds out of clean trash such as food packaging, labels, junk mail, scraps of fabric from old clothes ect. I used wire, hot glue and thread […]

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