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Photographs of America’s Recyclables: an Overview

So far as America is concerned, the real picture of waste is quite different from what is experienced by people across the globe. People in the country, in spite of knowing the urgency of waste disposal, are often compelled to live amongst this refuse. It is the unseen forces which mainly ward off this waste.

Statistics will tell you that on a daily basis, 4.34 pounds of garbages are discarded by the average American. The major portion of this waste either goes for overseas shipping or finds its destination in a landfill.

Clothing Bale

In the year 2011, a non-profit organization sold donated clothing worth around 200 million pounds. Apart from this, a huge amount of clothing was baled and disposed of. In fact, there are companies which sell clothing or textile remnants in bales of 100 lbs, 150lbs, 200 lbs, and more.

Photographs of America’s Recyclables: an Overview Recycled Art
Photo Copyright by Wesley Law

Plastic Bale

According to the American Chemistry Council (ACC), in 2014, the amount of post-consumer rigid plastics recycled in the USA increased by 27%. Going by actual numbers, this is a boost of 276 million pounds compared to the previous year’s 1.28 billion pounds of recycling. Out of the 1.28 billion pounds collected, 64% was processed in USA and Canada taken together, and the highest exports were made to China. More than 60% of this recyclable material was high-density polyethylene and polypropylene. Owing to China’s Green Fence initiative of 2013, bale quality was improved and plastic bales showed increased standardization.

Photographs of America’s Recyclables: an Overview Recycled Art
Photo Copyright by Wesley Law

Blankets Bale

Out of the clothing materials that are turned into something newer by recycling companies, there are also a huge number of blankets. In a number of cities, these blankets are collected in special waterproof bags along with shoes, towels and other recyclable items. Some other cities have new garbage truck fleets for a collection of such items.

Photographs of America’s Recyclables: an Overview Recycled Art
Photo Copyright by Wesley Law


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