Poster From Old Windows

By Neokentin

Found some old windows some months ago while a walk through my area. I had them on my balcony since then. Unfortunately, one side got broken in this time. Now […]

Keyboard Qwerty Walls

By Neodim

Artist Sarah Frost creates found object and found form sculpture. Her Qwerty Sculptures consist of thousands (and thousands) of keys from old qwerty keyboards. It’s a multifaceted ScrapHack, filled with […]

Interior Lamp – Technology

By Neokentin

The decorative lamp “TECHNOLOGY” is made entirely of useless materials / PC Display, Textile, Paints, etc… Soft and comfortable light. A perfect recycling solution for of PC Monitors.

Christmas Trees From Books


One of the most popular posts of STYLEITCHIC was for libraries sculptures where with household items and books you could build a modern sculpture on your library! Drawing inspiration from […]

Diy: Make A Paper Pine Tree” From Upcycled Materials

By Neokentin

This project was inspired by two things: A $48 “paper pine” from retailer Anthropologie, and my discovery, in the attic of my parents’ house, of an assortment of vintage sheet […]

Diy: Pine Cones Garland

By Neodim

Simple, nice and cheap garland made from pine cones.

Christmas Ornament On Medication Bottle

By Neokentin

I did not throw out the empty bottles. I painted them for Christmas. You can hang it on Christmas tree!

Recycled Plastic Knife Into Wreath

By Neokentin

This decorative wreath is made entirely from plastic knives with a plastic cup in the center!

Pallet Candle Jar Decoration

By Neokentin

Divert(Hijack) the “feet” of a pallet in candle jar decoration! Undo a pallet, leak out with a flat drill (lock), insert a candle dish warmer and give free rein to […]

Window Picture Frame

By Neodim

Just a perfect idea !

Oversized Mirror Frame with Recycled Magazines

By Neokentin

Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project – one that I’ve been working on for weeks! Rolling… rolling… rolling… hundreds… and hundreds… of magazine pages. […]


By Neodim

Using an old rake as a wine glass holder is simply a genius idea ! ++ Tattered style

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