Recycled Glass Jars Turned into Decoration

When I think of summer I think beach and beer… with all those the barbecuing and beach combing you are going to end up having a lot of sea shells and beer caps… Home decor can get pricy really fast, this is an awesome way to showcase collections of any kind, and the best part is that you can swap it out depending on the season. In summer showcase your sea shells or beer caps, in fall acorns, colored leaves and twigs, winter, pinecones and spring flowers! Just use glass jars of all shapes and sized to add interest… I have saved, pickle jars, stone mustard, jelly and everything in between… keep your eyes peeled for fun jars when shopping, and remember to save them after you enjoy whats in it!

Recycled Glass Jars Turned into Decoration 2 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas
Recycled Glass Jars Turned into Decoration 4 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas


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