4 Birds From Recycled Metal Junk

By cridlen1

The base of this sculpture is made from an old toddler walker/stroller. The birds are clay with found hardware hats and old children’s wooden blocks.

Brush Away The Blues With This Upcycled Giraffe!

By cridlen1

I made my creations from a variety of upcycled household items. My Upcycled Giraffe also has some clay. I upcycled plungers, funnels, skateboard wheels and much more! Use what you have […]

Scrap Into Fly

By Waldemar Sha

There is a lot of different parts in this one. Wings are made of plexiglass pieces fastened together by stapler clips using a soldering iron. You just have to place […]

The Little Cheamney Sweaper

By Igal

The hardest part was to find a proper part of the hat and the cleaning brush.

Junk Art Sparrow

By Waldemar Sha

A sparrow statuette made from scrap parts.

Robot Maker From Found Objects

By gille monte ruici

Paris-based artist, Gille Monte Ruici creates robot sculptures using found objects. Each robot is unique, handmade and comes from recycled material. Metal tins are assembling and become creatures with a […]

Paintings Made From Old Toys & Buttons

By Neokentin

Hilary is a painter, hoarder, goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys. Her medium of choice is junk drawers. It all started harmlessly enough when her youngest son broke toys […]

Make Art, Not Waste!

By Titania

Make art, not waste! Is plastic going to eat evolution? Or will evolution one day be going to eat plastic? We won’t possibly know, but our children will. Collage and […]

Street Art Created with Recycled Materials By Artur Bordalo

By Neokentin

Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, is a Portuguese street Artist already well known in Portugal and now around the world for his interesting and amazing street art that incorporates […]

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