by Hilary Christensen

Paintings Made From Old Toys & Buttons

Hilary is a painter, hoarder, goodwill enthusiast, and mother of 2 boys. Her medium of choice is junk drawers. It all started harmlessly enough when her youngest son broke toys as quickly as he picked them out. She started a drawer of his destruction, determined to repair some of the carnage. Legos left strewn about for people to step on were soon added, and then dice and game pieces that didn’t make their way back to the appropriate box. “I’ll get this sorted out…someday,” she told herself.

But, that wasn’t easy, she was a busy mom, and she wasn’t about to throw this stuff away. Thinking about landfills full of stuff people paid good money for made her sad, and the truth is known, the drawer fascinated her. It was like a little treasure chest of colors and shapes. “I’m going to do something with this stuff” she decided.

What that something would be, took a while to figure out. She did research on found object art but didn’t find anything that felt right. Her eureka moment came when she and her son were looking at photos of mosaics from Pompeii in National Geographic. She decided to make a portrait of Brannic using the items she had collected. It’s proven to be a very addictive medium.




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