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Making Your Own Bookshelves

By Neodim

Bookshelves are not only decorative and flamboyant, they’re also a necessity for most home-owners. If you possess lots of books and are looking for somewhere to shelf  literary classics such as 50 Shades of Grey, then […]

Repurposed Ladder Used as Giant Chandelier

By Neodim

The choices made during the design process for Wennekerpand, an Industrial theater-café in Schiedam are though. Made by Studio Bertjan Pot, it all started with a new safety ladder and […]

Upcycled Interior Design Inspiration

By Neokentin

We’re all familiar with upcycling by now and the fact that it isn’t just a new-fangled way to make your home individual. Re-upholstering an ornate chair to match your mood […]

Repurposed Decoration for a Dutch Loft

By Neodim

Here is the loft of the architect Peggy Betke and his companion, Bouke Touw, in Amsterdam. They invested and converted the ground floor of an old brick building that was […]

Diy Bookshelf Ladder

By Neokentin

I turned an extension ladder into a bookshelf for my sons room. I bought the ladder through Craigslist for $15, and spent about $50 on the wood, stain, and hardware.

Ladder Bookshelves

By Neodim

Another clever reuse of an old ladder in the living room. Vintage ! I love you !

Ladder Bookshelf

By Neodim

Best ideas are often the simple ones…take an old ladder and use it as a bookshelf ! I think this project will not take you as much as one hour […]

Succulent Garden from an Old Ladder

By Neodim

Make a succulent garden using an old ladder, mismatched teacups and teapots.

Ladder Up: Storage for Your Kitchen

By Neodim

A beautiful old ladder reused as storage in the kitchen.

Ladder --> Clothing Rack

By Neodim

DIY tutorial on Corriere de la serra

Ladder Into Christmas Tree

By Neodim

Original Christmas tree from two ladders.

L'arbre Aux Echelles / Ladders Tree

By Neodim

Ephemeral and poetic installation by François Mechain in the “Parc du Chateau” of Chaumont sur Loire. ++ François Mechain

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