Making Your Own Bookshelves

Bookshelves are not only decorative and flamboyant, they’re also a necessity for most home-owners. If you possess lots of books and are looking for somewhere to shelf  literary classics such as 50 Shades of Grey, then going down the DIY bookcase route maybe the only option!

Creating a DIY bookcase can be cost-effective, whilst being an enjoyable experience to construct and ultimately display. Essentially, building a DIY bookcase out of recycled materials can make your home look contemporary and feel refreshing.

(1) Wine Crate Hanging Bookshelves: If you have any wooden wine crates hanging around in the shed or cellar, then you cold turn them into amazing bookcases that can hang right off the wall. Wine cases are spacious and will provide ample room for all of your classics. Furthermore, for more of rustic appearance, paint the crate to give it a distressed look. Attaching wooden dowels into the wall will help support the wine case too.


Source: Paint + Tofu

(2) Reconstructed Drawer Bookcases: An old drawer unit is the holder of hidden gems. The drawers can be taken out, painted to fit in with other décor and hung on the wall. If painting the drawers does not appeal to you, then backing or filling the drawers with fabric is another option. Unit drawers are often deep and make ideal individual bookshelves if housed on feature walls. Despite being relatively cheap, their appearance will give a living room or bedroom an uplifting look.


Source: Indulgy

(3) Recycled Wood Bookshelves: Recycled wood can be used in a multitude of weird and wonderful ways to make a bookcase. Thus, if you are recycling wood after building a fence or shed and do not know what to do with it, then creating a bookcase maybe an informed option. There is always the option to paint the excess wood, cover it with fabric of simply leave it how it is. It should only take a short amount of time to sand down, nail together and construct a recycled wood bookcase.


Source: Inhabitat

(4) Recycled ladder shelves: Strangely, an old ladder can make a fantastic bookcase. You can stand it up against the wall or put two together and insert wooden slats to house your books. Recycled wooden ladders can be painted to suit any room and look amazing in a children’s bedroom. To build a leaning bookshelf, simply deconstruct the ladder and then use the steps to create the slats to house the books.


Source: Recyclart

(5) Driftwood Bookshelf: If you can’t get hold of any driftwood locally, then get yourself down to the beach and pick up some driftwood. Constructing a bookcase made out of driftwood will give your property a tropical look. Simply attach sturdy brackets to your walls and place the driftwood in accordingly. If you manage to get hold of enough driftwood, you could end up building a bookshelf that covers a whole feature wall. Furthermore, if you do create a colossal bookshelf out of driftwood, you may decide to use it to store other objects and use it for other purposes.


Source: RaleighReusables

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