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Old Apple Laptop Keys Upcycled into Amazing Tabletops

By Neokentin

Apple is well-known for creating some of the world’s best-designed laptops, but as for any electronic devices, what happens when those computers reach the end of their lifespan? Design studio VicoloPagliaCorta from […]

Mined – The Denim Revolution

By Neokentin

“I was Denim, now I am mineD” mineD creates new opportunities for existing denim products. A vital min(e)D: Our earth shouldn’t just be a place to live, we want vitality […]

Diy: Tray & Laptop Support

By Neokentin

A few months ago I was talking to Irene about the fact that I’d have loved to create a makeover onto an everyday fruit basket, like the ones you find […]

Laptop Vanity

By Neokentin

I made this for my advanced sculpture class in college. We had to make something into something else and give it a completely different meaning. I took an old laptop […]

Handmade Upcycled Bags

By Neokentin

We make one off up-cycled bags from used Truck Tarpaulins. Every bag is unique due to the patterns and markings on the fabric and no bag will ever be replicated. […]

Wooden Boards Laptops

By Neokentin

Laptops made from old wooden boards.

Books Laptop Stand

By Neokentin

This laptop stand was made using two old hardcover books and a few nuts and bolts. It holds a laptop vertically to save desk space while connected to a monitor, […]

Laptop Carrier

By Neodim

Excellent eco laptop carrier made of salvage billboard vinyl, lining, trim, zippers, button & velcro. This is the work of Taryn Zychal.

Cardboard Laptop Stand

By Neodim

Very nice idea from Eric who share it with you here

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