by Jade Turdik

Laptop Vanity

I made this for my advanced sculpture class in college. We had to make something into something else and give it a completely different meaning. I took an old laptop I had that broke and was sitting in my closet and decided that i wanted to make it into a vanity. The connection being that in todays society with all of our blogging and social networking sites, that people have nothing to talk about but themselves. Everything you do on the internet/computer reflects yourself and how people see you as a person. I cut glass to fit the laptop screen and ripped out the keyboard to decorate the laptop with things you would see on a vanity like perfume, makeup, jewlery, etc. I also decorated it with certain keys from the keyboard like “delete” “home” “enter” “esc” and “control””. This is a humorous piece and I am really content with the finished product.


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