by Chiara One O

Diy: Tray & Laptop Support

A few months ago I was talking to Irene about the fact that I’d have loved to create a makeover onto an everyday fruit basket, like the ones you find on the market. But was quite an annoyed because having a full-time job means not being able to go to the market unless you wake up early Saturday morning: ok I love One O but I’m not going to do this. May it be clear. The day after Irene showed up at my place with a – not so beautiful – fruit basket. Yey! Near her bf house, everyday takes place a market and all the baskets were just left there from the day. How could that be called other than luck? Yup.

So I decided to make it home friendly and usable, giving it a beautiful home decor touch and transforming it into a tray or – by flipping it over – into a laptop support. Yes, I’m a bed laptop user as much as all of you darlings ^^ And the tray is going to have this shabby chic look with cracks revealing gold. Supplies…




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