Led Capsule Lamp

By Wastemedia

Art Deco meets Modernist design for lighting using recycled materials.

Solar Powered Blue Dasher Dragonfly

By Neokentin

I love sharing my passion for all things solar powered recycled sustainable earth friendly artistic & creative. I’m working @ the Gypsy Junkyard, repurposing the past.

Led-lit Fractal-burned Pallet Bar For Your Man Cave

By MElliottRN80

Unique l-shaped 2 tier bar made from mostly up-cycled pieces.

Wine Bottle Pendant Light Features Copper Plumbing Fixture

By Kevin Sutton

Recycled Hanging Light made from an empty wine bottle and plumbing parts.

Tiki Time Clock

By JRClaiborn

A clock I created with Autocad, an etching laser, and a waterjet. It has LED backlighting with a remote garage battery. Made from junkyard plexiglass, foam, wiring, found LED’s, and […]

A Chandelier from the Arabian Nights by Flab

By Neokentin

A new way to have a starry sky at home!

Remnant Lamp 2016 From Upcycled Plastic Packagings

By Wastemedia

Nothing gets wasted at MADE-UP DESIGN NZ!

Fairy Bottle Lamps

By Burçin Uçak

These up-cycled lamps are made with recycled bottles & jars and old table legs with a different variation of height and shape. My lighting choice was fairy led lights to […]

Recycled Wine Bottle Hanging Light

By Kevin Sutton

Pendant light made from an empty wine bottle, some scrap plywood and lit by a 2 watt LED bulb.

Original Retro Party Corners – From A Bedding Commode To a Bar

By Retromoderna

A young Slovak architect Jakub Hložník converts in his free time old bedding commodes and radio recorders from the mid-60s of the 20th century to the stylish bars with modern […]

Light Rider: Desk Lamp from Upcycled Bike Light

By Neokentin

Desk lamp made out of old bicycle Lamp with heating pipe and shaped wood base.

Table Lamp Made With Old Wire

By Neokentin

12 v lamp with Power Supply 110 – 220 v. With special led which looks like Edison bulb for a warm light. Size: 22 x 15 cm.

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