by Randy Morris

Solar Powered Blue Dasher Dragonfly

A full bottle of wine inspired us and drinking the wine gave us the free-thinking needed to imagine a beautiful giant insect. We upcycled a beautiful empty wine bottle into this whimsical Blue Dasher Dragonfly.  An empty bottle is an excellent reason recycle. So using the empty wine bottle, I wanted to create my idea. We used the container for the body. Next, we used an old light fixture for the head. I made the wings using an old fireplace screen. If you had a shorter bottle, you could make a butterfly too!

We upcycled all the materials except for a solar-powered light kit that illuminates our Dragonfly.

The brass exoskeleton made from an old door kick plate. I made the legs from an old lamp then captured the free energy from the sun with a small solar power system attached to a  100 teardrop LED string to light it all up.

This Dragonfly has old fireplace screen wings.
We used an old fireplace screen for the wings.
The Dragonfly has a glass lamp globe for the head and solar lights in the bottle.
The head of the creature is an old lamp, and the lighting is a solar light string.
This Dragonfly glows from within.
This insect glows from within the glass body!
A brass door kickpanel was used for the body wrap and wing support on this Dragonfly.
We think our creation is beautiful and unique!
Upcycle a beautiful wine bottle into a Dragonfly.
Create a soft glow with an insect light!
Upcycle a wine bottle into a giant Dragonfly!


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