by Alex

A Chandelier from the Arabian Nights by Flab

Making this chandelier was not an easy work. To built it, I needed a mop of Sarina, paint, two wood panels 20 x 100 cm and a LED light system and a lot of patience.

Follow the step by step images:

First, we dismantled the broom and paint the branches with the color that we like the most. With a crown stapler, we fixed the stems on a wood panel of 50 cm by venting our branches. We’ve done this every 7 cm for the entire surface in order to have an oval of size 200 x 130 cm.

Then, we tied the LEDs twigs we’re going to be connected to the transformer. We set the second panel (which we painted previously and fixing two spotlights led), and then we fixed the four hooks that will support our chandelier.

Now, we can enjoy the beauty of a starry sky above us.



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This is beautiful! Worth all the work you put in.

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