Wall Decoration Made with Origami Technique

By Neodim

The base of the decoration is recycled corrugated cardboard covered with copy and gift wrap paper. The stars are made of leftover papers of other origami works and old magazines. […]

Mandala Wall Decoration

By Helena Andreasson

Mandalas made out of recycled magazine paper.

Magazine Patchwork

By Helena Andreasson

This patchwork is made of recycled rolled up Magazine paper. The size of this wall Art is 110 cmx110 cm.

Magazine Recycled into Bugs Sculptures

By Neokentin

The creative ad-agency Soon made these stunning sculptures of bugs from recycled magazine to promote a new line of recycled paper. Even is the bugs are creative in form and […]

Wall Decoration Made of Magazines

By Helena Andreasson

I made this wall decoration of roled-up magazine paper. The size is 110×110 cm. If you visit my blog, I show you how I made it.

Small Paperflower

By Helena Andreasson

Made of recycled magazine. Used for decorating.

Wall Decoration Made out of Magazine Rolls

By Helena Andreasson

I made this wall decoration out of magazine pages. I made 1000 rolls for those two Pictures.  It´s in Swedish, but you can use google translate.

Floppy Disks Magazine Holder

By Neokentin

Magazine Holder/Organizer made using floppy disks and plastic folder slides.

Upcycled Chair

By Neokentin

Reclaimed chair given a new lease of life re-invented with waste materials (old magazine) and unwanted paint.

Stool Made From Upcycled Magazines & Cable Ties

By Agy

 We made stools out of old magazines and cable ties at The Upcycle Village organised by P!D.

Newspaper Pendant Lamp

By Helena Andreasson

I made this with a plastic-can and newspaper. I show you how to do it on my blog.

Furniture from Cigarette Boxes

By Neokentin

People smoke (to ruin their health) and throw the cigarette boxes away … I collect them and make furniture at home. Have a look – made entirely from discarded cigarette […]

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