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Advent Calendar From Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

By Neokentin

Simple and easy, but still creative! Just need 24 toilette paper rolls, magazines and sweets or small presents. I took some Kinder Surprise chocolates, Duplo chocolates, confetti and handwritten notes as […]

Paper Eggs

By Neokentin

The paper eggs are created using discarded magazines to give them a longer lasting new meaning.

Paper Folder

By Neokentin

I made this folder from old magazines. I weaved strips of magazines to make a mat and then stuck them together, cut it to give it the final shape!

Recycled Magazine Art

By Neokentin

For a few years now I have been experimenting with up-cycling: making new creations made from old things. Just recently, I was inspired by a frame made of magazine rolls […]

Recycled Magazines Paper

By Neokentin

You can do many things with magazines paper. Here you have some examples: quilling boxes, picture frame and some coasters.

Yellow Zebra Striped Magazine Storage Boxes

By Neokentin

I decide not too long ago to get rid of the orange in our living room. It was just too shocking a color and made the room look darker. And […]

Paper Rolled Soliflor

By Neokentin

When an old stock of magazines (of flowers of course!), a so old strapping metal, and an old old old oak wood cube become’s a wonderful soliflore for orchide! by […]

Amazing Recycled Magazine Collage Art

By Neokentin

These pieces of art are all beautiful, even more so if you are lucky enough to see them in person. Patrick uses old (otherwise trashed) magazines and books to cut […]

Icebubble Jewels: Jewelry Out of Plastic Bottles, Cartons & Old Newspapers

By Neokentin

Icebubble makes jewelry and accessories out of plastic bottles, drink cartons, old newspapers and magazines… unique, bubbly, handmade.

Decorative Panels with Magazine Paper

By Neokentin

How to make art of your own using what you have at home! You can find the description in my blog Crea Mamma !

Diy: Make A Paper Pine Tree” From Upcycled Materials

By Neokentin

This project was inspired by two things: A $48 “paper pine” from retailer Anthropologie, and my discovery, in the attic of my parents’ house, of an assortment of vintage sheet […]

Oversized Mirror Frame with Recycled Magazines

By Neokentin

Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project – one that I’ve been working on for weeks! Rolling… rolling… rolling… hundreds… and hundreds… of magazine pages. […]

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