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Upcycled Maps Into Bookmark

By ecogreenlover

Reuse old unused maps and make a bookmark with them.

Upcycled World Map Lampshade

By Neokentin

Turn a garage sale lamp shade into a work of art with a yacht map or beach themed gift wrap.

Upcycled Origami Paper From Old Maps

By Patrick Hoesterey

Now that the world runs on smartphones and GPS, what to do with all those old paper maps? Here’s one idea.

Doors And Maps Series by Normal Illustrations

By Neokentin

Recycled wood doors from furniture and recycled old canvas maps from an elementary school by Normal Gergely (Normal ILLustrations).

Mapping Muswell An N10 Paper Project

By Neokentin

This is a creative mapping project produced for the N10 area. Using paper (that would normally have been recycled) the artist created a 3 dimensional relief showing 3 different maps […]

Iconic Sculptures Made from Phone Books, Maps…

By Neokentin

Photographer Cara Barer uses old phone books, maps, comic books … to create visueal hypnotic sculptures ! Wow ! ++ Do not wait and quickly visit Cara Barer website for […]

Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellery

By Neokentin

Don’t be puzzled! This is upcycled jewellery made from jigsaw puzzles and buttons! This particular series is made using a Map of Australia puzzle, so you might spy some iconic […]

Map Earrings

By Neokentin

This earrings are made of paper from a map. Made by Atelier Begin. To see more products look at Atelier Begin website !

Atlas Paper Flowers

By Neokentin

Who says that an atlas can’t have a second life? This Atlas was rescued from a local dumpster and turned into beautiful flowers that last all year long. The wire […]

A-z Origami

By Neokentin

Peace Cranes made from recycled pages of a London A-Z circle and protect two Butterflies. In Japanese wedding culture, ‘Mecho’ and ‘Ocho’ are placed on Sake bottles to signify love.

License Plate Art & Maps

By Neokentin

I make all kinds of art and maps using recycled, vintage, expired license plates. Hope you enjoy! More pieces available to view over on Design Turnpike website.

Stamps Worldmap

By Neodim

After finding a collection of world stamps on Ebay for a fiver, Marc Alcock created a map of the world where each country is represented by its own native stamp.

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