by Patty Thurlby

Upcycled World Map Lampshade

Get a stack of magazines and cut out the neatest font letters and photos for an Upcycled World Map Lampshade! Use a yacht map if you have one, or any map you can find. Use what you have and make your creation because there are no rules when you are making art!

Decorate your home office, desk, or even your bedroom with a creative Upcycled World Map Lampshade!

Add some variety by gluing beads and yarn indicating all the places you’ve traveled!

Map Lampshade upcycles old maps and magazine letters.
Upcycle outdated maps and beautiful clippings from magazines to create personalized lampshades.
First, gather supplies, including an old lampshade, maps, and old scrapbooking supplies.
First, find some supplies to upcycle. Old scrapbooking items, outdated maps, and a beat-up lampshade are perfect!
Make an upcycled map lampshade by saving the letters from magazines and more in a clear tote.
I save clippings, old scrapbooking letters, and more for my craft projects.
Map Lampshade.
Wrap a lamp with an old map. Secure in place, and decorate it as you wish.


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Hello, love your lap! We should make one like this for our studio. This will be perfect decoration as we are called.

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