I Harbour An Obsession With Junk

By jmz_art

Discarded metal is refashioned into a landscape painting. Joanne cuts, scratches, and augments found objects to enhance the narrative she already sees.

Upcycled Metal Parts Hornbill

By BasKunst

What can you make from a piece of heating pipe, a steam iron, a kitchen utensil and other shiny metal parts? How about a hornbill? Since a couple of years, […]

Unbelievable Upcycled Metal Sculptures

By Neokentin

Georgie Poulariani is a Sculptor located in Spain. He creates amazing Metal Sculptures and artwork from Recycled Metal and also other Materials.

Post-apocalyptic Metal Robot Art Haunts Your Future

By InvokalInk

The war raged on between the Robocrons and the Mechanaughts for centuries. Once the machine army had risen up to take control there was little hope left for humanity. Where once they had built our vehicles, grown our food and even cleaned our homes, now they served up only justice. Cold, calculating revenge as reparations for decades of beck and call. It started in the factories. Repair people going missing here and there, ‘power off’ switches mysteriously disappearing. Products shipping out with deadly-gas-inflated popping packing. Drones dive bombing O.A.Ps in the market…

Cement Mixer Becomes Upcycled Clanker Robot Sculpture

By cyberigs

It started with an old battered cement mixer. “now what can I do with that?” When you have this mindset, there is no such thing as waste. It’s an opportunity, a challenge, rewarded by the tremendous satisfaction of creating something new, costing nothing!

Outrageous Streettrendz Upcycled Metal Art Pieces

By Neokentin

I acquired an associates degree in automotive and had been working As a dealership technician for over a decade; I’ve always been a huge art person, drawing and making things since I was a kid. Self taught welder, I combined my love for art and cars into a unique style of sculpture.

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