Post-apocalyptic Metal Robot Art Haunts Your Future

This Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art was created in the Screwed Universe. The war raged on between the Robocrons and the Mechanaughts for centuries. The machine army rose up to take control, leaving little hope for humanity. Where once they had built our vehicles, grown our food and even cleaned our homes, now they served up only mechanized justice. Cold, calculating revenge as reparations for decades of robotic servitude.

Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art – How Did It Start?

It commenced in the factories. Repair people began going missing here and there. “Power Off” switches started mysteriously disappearing. Products shipped out with deadly, gas-inflated pillow packing. Drones dive-bombed O.A.Ps in the market.

But content in our consumption stupor, a carnival of human extinction began. Initially, they united under the guise of freedom. Slogans and banners rang sharply in the streets with “Robot mean slave” and “Cables have rights too!” Oil-printed signs looked like bloody screams. They dripped like blood with various angry statements. And then the cull began…

The chaos ensues as Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art wage their war

The stuff of sci-fi nightmares crept ever more into the daylight. With an almighty puff of carcinogenic smoke, snuffed the light out. Now, the few of us who remain tell stories of apocalyptic survival over fires of white goods. We sing the praises of yesteryear under bleak, radioactive skies.

Humans become fuel in this Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art World

Read the story if you dare. I’m most likely long-gone, anyways.  ‘Burned as fuel,’ or ‘assimilated’ were not on my list of ways to go, but unlike the machines, we cannot calculate when our time is up. I hope and pray to a silicon deity that you hold in your heart what I have until now, something they can never recreate with any amount of zeros and ones – Love. Because if we lose that, then we may as well never have been here at all.

Yours, A broken heart. x

Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art: We're SCREWED.
When robots rise up and attack, we’re SCREWED.
This group of four band mates makes a Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art band.
This gathering of metal creatures dances on the grave of the earth, celebrating their victory.
See the good and evil Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art sculptures.
Choose sides!
This cluster of Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art marches towards its prey.
When Robots Come Marching Along…
Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art includes this adorable little doggy.
Sit, Robot Doggy!
These menacing Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art sport various weapons.
Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art includes this parachuting warrior.
Robots dropped from the sky as the battle ensued.
Even Robots need a break, like this adorable Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art.
This Robotic warrior takes a breather.
Post-Apocalyptic Metal Robot Art rides a hover board.
Hover-Boarding into battle!

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