Upcycled Straw Mirror

By Neokentin

Created with the straw from a Christmas hamper, this circular mirror also incorporates soil and has been sponged with gold paint.

Mural Made of Waste Materials

By Neokentin

It represents a wetland ,a mangrove with the animals which you can meet in the Caribbean zone. It is made out of waste pieces of mirrors, broken plates & glasses […]

Tall Floor Mirror Made from Recycyled Steel

By Neokentin

This is another one-of-a-kind functional artwork from Chicago area Metal artist Del Shearrow uses recycled materials for his Artwork. Between 90% and 100% of all of his work is created […]

Diy: Yardstick Mirror

By Neokentin

A DIY tutorial to make you own mirror with old yardsticks! Looks like a sunflower!

Ironing Board + Mirror

By Neodim

Creative ironing board !

Revamped Makeup Station

By Neokentin

A Revamped old desk turned into a makeup station with accent wall pieces of rot iron and cheap fake roses total cost fourty dollars…

Mirror Beers

By Neokentin

This is the way to recycle an old mirror and cans of beers (the ones you’ll drink tonight ! ;) ), with only a little of glue!

Popper Mirror

By Neokentin

Made from popped poppers and frame from the thrift store.

3d Make-up Mirror

By Neokentin

I found a IKEA mirror on the street, which was already broken in 3 pieces. I pulled off the tape on the back, broke two extra segments in pieces, trew […]

Laptop Computer Mirror

By Neokentin

Novelist Brian J. Noggle turned an old laptop into a mirror.

The Savvy Shopper

By Neokentin

Part of what I do in my shop is making home decor items out of old, worn out or just unwanted furniture. Star burst mirrors out of table legs and […]

Yama Wear the Music!

By Neokentin

YAMAtm : the original idea The first YAMAtm were sewn during a craft market at the Bilancino lake near Florence (Italy) using two 10” vinyl records and some leather. Slowly […]

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