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Recycled Mirrors - Elementary Particles

By Neokentin

Mirrors have been made from pieces of steel garbage include bicycle, car parts or some industry machines or daily house tools. Style is done in Steampunk style and with not […]

Mirrors Made Out Of Recycled Cd And Rolled Paper

By Helena Andreasson

100 % recycling. The material is newspapers, cd’s, cardboard and a broken mirror cut into pieces.

Recycled Mirrors Using Easter Eggs & Chocolate Bars Foil

By Neokentin

Mirrors recycled using colored foil from Easter eggs & chocolate bars. Kitsch & shiny & way cheaper than using gold leaf… Stuck with PVA (white glue) then varnished to protect […]

Diy: Wooden Log Mirror Decoration

By Neodim

A nice picture to show you how to use little wood log as a mirror decoration. What you’ll need: A piece of plywood: round, square…it’s up to you and the […]

So Simple: Toilet Seat Mirror :)

By Felicie

Following the renovation of my toilet, the toilet seat became a mirror !

Sieve into Bathroom Mirror

By Alessandra Porcedda

Avete un vecchio setaccio che vi avanza? io ne ho fatto uno specchio per il nuovo bagno :-) E’ stato semplicissimo, ho dovuto sacrificare la retina posta dietro, ho fatto […]

Recycle Cheese Box Lid to Beautiful Mirrors

By Neokentin

I was at a small antique shop that had two large cheese boxes unfinished with lids. They were dirty and dusty and the store owner had them on a floor […]

Mirror Corset from Recycled Cds

By Neokentin

Corset made from old recycled CD’s. Very original, but don’t look very comfortable.

Rusted Leather Mirror Frame

By Neokentin

When 2 materials become one. The amazing similarity between Leather and rusted sheet metal.

Renault Juva 4 Mirror

By Neokentin

Made out of an old Renault Juva 4. I found the wreck car body which had been rusting in a forest for at least 40 years.

Leather Scrap Mirror Frame

By Neokentin

Huge mirror frame made out of leather strip scrap from a saddle maker.

Upcycled Straw Mirror

By Neokentin

Created with the straw from a Christmas hamper, this circular mirror also incorporates soil and has been sponged with gold paint.

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