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Driftwood Decoration

By FD Bois Flotté

Decoration with the wood (French Brittany, drifwood) got back on beach !

Mirror Made from an Old Cabinet Door

By Neokentin

By Theo Herfkens.

Oversized Mirror Frame with Recycled Magazines

By Neokentin

Whew! I made it! I actually pushed through to finish a project – one that I’ve been working on for weeks! Rolling… rolling… rolling… hundreds… and hundreds… of magazine pages. […]

Garden Art

By Neokentin

Old plates, platters, vases, cups… all those old wonderful things we toss to the side or donate to thrift stores. I take those items and turn them into art pieces […]

Vinyl Mirror

By Neokentin

Vinyl Bowls are over played so I thought of something different so I made a mirror out of a small 45 record. This vintage mirror adds a great look to […]


By Neokentin

My name is Grace Sottile and I live in Sicily, over Mount Etna. This mirror is made of recycled newspaper. It’s inspired by Walt Disney picture and Sicilian baroque architectures.

Eco-friendly Driftwood Mirrors

By Neokentin

We already spoke about driftwood mirrors made by Nomad Art, here is another driftwood mirrors project by Living Simplistically and these mirrors are simply awesome ! In 2009 – Joshua […]

Upcycle Menuboard in a Hall Furniture

By Neokentin

Made with an old Menuboard, old Painting Frame, vintage Mirror, vintage Rack and a pièce of the rest of my bedroom’s wall paper. ++ Made by Angus Grouès (max ‘at’ angus-groues […]

Mirrage, Wall Mirror Made With Recycled Oak Wine Barrel

By Stil Novo Design

The frame of our Mirrage, unique wall décor large mirror, is entirely made of scraps of oak wine barrel staves, recycled from used French wine barrels. Mirrage is created by joining […]

Driftwood Mirrors

By Neokentin

These mirrors are made out of driftwood from puerto vallarta on the Pacific coast.

Toilet Seat Mirror

By Neodim

Just a funny idea by Resign ! ++Resign

Broken Glass Dresses

By Neodim

These dresses are made out of broken glass, from tiny pieces of mirror glass.

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