Nespresso Capsules & Light, Now That’s Capsuleart!

By capsuleart

Technically, and basically, I use used Nespresso capsules to write down things or draw shapes on a surface and lighten them from inside by simple LED circuits. So it is an upcycling decorative product for home or office, but I am having difficulties to name the end product. Suggestions are welcomed.

Coffee To Go: Nespresso Capsules Sparkle

By Neokentin

Nespresso caps are simply too beautiful to throw them away. I empty the used pods and then decide how the colours can be best used. I like doodling curves and […]

Used Nespresso Capsules Into Lamps

By Neokentin

With hammer smashed empty Nespresso capsules, it’s easy to create jewelry and many other gadgets. What I like most is upcycle old lamps, just with Nespresso capsules, held together with […]

Broches Con Cápsulas De Café / Upcycled Nespresso Caps Into Brooches

By Febrero es así

Dispuestos a reciclar, podemos reciclar hasta las cápsulas de café. Hay multitud de opciones, hoy os propongo transformarlas en broches. Reciclar cápsulas de café convirtiéndolas en unos preciosos broches nunca […]

How To Make Sunshine Shaped Earrings Using Coffee Capsules

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We like working with aluminum and in Switzerland, most people drink coffee from capsules made of aluminum. Since the colors of these capsules are so beautiful we try to use […]

Presentation of Récup Art, Jewelry Made with Recycled Nespresso Capsules

By bijouxfaitalamain13 (Isabel Naomi)

We are Isabel and Naomi, two artists who live in Switzerland and we love making jewelry. And we drink coffee too! We noticed that Nespresso used this capsules with beautiful […]

Cafetito: Jewelry Made Of Upcycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Neokentin

Craft and fun jewelry – made by upcycling philosophy. Leather-based earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings with changeable Nespresso coffee capsule accessories. I made almost every part of these jewels by […]

Art Using Upcycled Nespresso Capsules

By nolia shakti

My passion for materials and conceptual art melted together in the collection “Throw Away Gold”. I use Nespresso capsules given to me by friends and anyone who cares. Each piece […]

Diy: Christmas Placeholder With Recycled Coffee Capsules

By Craft and Fun

For these Christmas, placeholder has been used different recycled materials: Coffee Capsules and parts of old floppy disk. If you do not have a floppy disk, you can use cardboard. […]

Mini Ice Creams Inside A Nespresso Capsule

By Neokentin

Recycled Nespresso coffee capsules as individual ice cream containers.

10 Jewelry Ideas Made from Recycled Nespresso Capsules

By Neokentin

As everyone knows or should know, Nespresso capsules is a new waste stream that was just non-existent only five years ago. Now it is yet another source of waste that […]

Recycled Vinyl Lp Record into Display for Your Nespresso Coffee Caps

By Neokentin

Here is the new display for your coffee caps! You can put the vinyl LP record everywhere (fridge, window, pane… ), thanks to the sucker at the back. Above all, […]

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