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Recycled Idea: Nespresso Capsules Clutch

By Neokentin

I am an avid recycler as well as a lover of coffee. I love my Nespresso machine, but I felt guilty because of the waste it produced. Nespresso chose to […]

Nespresso Capsules Ring

By Neokentin

Ring realized from worn capsules Nespresso as well as from diverse recycled elements. Karteko is a workshop(studio) of ecological Design. I realize furniture and objects with salvaged materials there for […]

Bubblebugzzz: Rings for Insect Lovers...

By Neokentin

The insects I made of recycled nespresso coffee capsules, a few years ago caught the eye of a jewelry designer. The BubbleBugZzz rings were born from this encounter … The […]

La Jambière : Coffee Caps and Cardboard Lamp

By Neokentin

From all kinds of recycled materials, I give them a second life! Among other things, I create jewelry, bags and lamps from coffee capsules. I protected these models because they […]

Nespresso Bracelet

By Neokentin

Bracelets made ​​of flattened coffee capsules, available in many color configurations.

Nespresso Capsules Into Flower Shape Brooches

By Neokentin

Nespresso brooches in a flower shape – a great idea for recycling the coffee capsules and make them look beautiful :)

Christmas Decoration Made ​​from Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Craft and Fun

Christmas decoration made from recycled Nespresso coffee capsules, the blog, is in Italian, but each project is accompanied by detailed photo tutorial.

Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules Earrings

By Craft and Fun

DiY: earrings made ​​from recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules.

Nespresso Caps Necklace

By Neokentin

Great idea to recycle Nespresso tabs. An old grandma’s hint: coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer.

Nespresso Coffee Capsules Into Necklace

By Craft and Fun

Necklace made with 72 recycled nespresso coffee capsules.

Curtain Made of Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

By Neokentin

After picking some used Nespresso coffee capsules, and making lots of little handcrafts, I had the idea of making a curtain to separate the kitchen and the dining room. Once […]

Nespresso Caps Upcycled into Garland

By Neokentin

This is not a secret, Nespresso is an opening of all the senses! Relish a cup of coffee to bewitching fragrances: that’s a real pleasure. These lovely gold capsules are […]

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