by Veronica Coleman

Trashion: Everyday to Obscure

Reno, NV. Trashion Show. Designs by Veronica Coleman.
Creations such as a wedding dress fashioned of over 2000 coffee filters (with bling created from an old flash bulb). Skirts made of newspaper, potato sack dresses, a hot little black garbage bag dress with a cassette tape belt and a dress made from Mardi Gras beads (cause there are PLENTY of those to go around). The crowd favorite was a fashionable cocktail dress made from Rolling Stone magazines.

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trashion sarah ex hall small
trashion veronica hall
trashion katie queen small

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Guinevere Millerbis via Facebook

Veronica, you rock! So proud of you :-)

Zarah McIntosh
Zarah McIntosh

I think it would be fine if you painted or colored the papers with.. I dunno, soy based paint? LOL I think the designs are cool.

Janet Lee via Facebook
Janet Lee via Facebook

fantastic clothes

Fernanda Ma via Facebook
Fernanda Ma via Facebook

pure art…

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