How to Transform an Old Electric Heater into an Industrial/Steampunk Table Lamp?

By HijackedDesign

It all began with a parabolic radiator with a beautiful brass dish found on a French flea market. Brass is the perfect “lampshade” to create a warm golden light. So […]

Easy Ideas to Recycled & Reuse Old Computer Parts


The technology advances with an incredible speed and clearly, one old computer will be forgotten in a warehouse or garage. You have two alternatives: to bring it in an appropriate container that have most electronics store for industrial recycling, or to the reuse it creatively, creating original decorative or even furniture with parts.

Modern Minimal Office Design With Repurposed Pallets


During the last years, the biggest trend in home decoration and design is to recycle and reuse old and often useless or heterogeneous materials in any form. In Amsterdam, the […]

Reuse & Recycle Ordinary Items Into Decoration


Many times, trapped by the initial image of the objects and its specific use, they can be seen as “useless“. Today we will see five seemingly useless objects, from another […]

Pallet Used as Divider Stations for the Grommet’s Office, Ma

By Neodim

The Grommet, a curated online marketplace of products that haven’t hit the mainstream yet, prides itself on the motto, Buy Differently. When moving their new office in Somerville, MA, they […]

Office Improvement with Pallets

By Neodim

Here is a beautiful example of an original office made out of pallets! Of course, when it deals with pallets, you should always take care of pallet safety before launching your […]

Colorful Recycled Mini Cork Boards

By trashycrafter

A while back I found this wooden disks, I am guessing they are for some part of furniture making. I bought them at a local thrift store for 50 cents […]

My Office with Pallets!

By Neokentin

I designed my office with pallets and crates, cut, sanded and painted everything in my garage.

Imac G4 Lamp

By Neokentin

This beautiful lamp is made from an old iMac G4. Be the envy of your office. Surprise your mac lover. Be the coolest kid on your block.

Room Divider Recycling Old Bus Cabin

By Neodim

Placed in the corner of a bedroom, the original home office is an innovative space saving solution to add more features to interior design, while celebrating the long history of […]

Volkswagen Van –> Office

By Neodim

Elected one of the coolest reuse of an old VW van !

Wood Pencil Holder

By Neodim

Andrea Hudson of the blog Strawberry Chic shares this simple DIY accessory that’ll add a perfect touch of rustic, organic charm to your office, kitchen nook, or craft areas.  To […]

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