Reuse & Recycle Ordinary Items Into Decoration

Many times, trapped by the initial image of the objects and its specific use, they can be seen as “useless“. Today we will see five seemingly useless objects, from another angle, that will enable us to use them creatively in our home decoration.

  1. A piece of wood found on the beach, turned into an improvised hanger, ideal for each cottage, with some hooks.
  2. The metal base of an old mattress was mounted on the wall, and is now an alternative bulletin board for a modern office.
  3. An old picture frame with ornate or classic designs transformed into bulletin board after painted with white paint, and added little burlap or soft cork.
  4. An old computer screen after painted in bright colors and removed its interior could be turned into a home for your pet.
  5. A broken globe, becomes a lamp, and can be combined with the previous idea for a modern office or be used in a child’s desk or room.




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