Handmade Driftwood Trees

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

The handmade trees Driftwood is the perfect choice if you do not like the usual plastic trees and looking for a more special decoration idea. Ideal for every decor such […]

Build A Wood Fired Oven with Uncoventional Materials

By a piece of rainbow

Got mud, sand, agricultural waste straw, coarse saw dust, recycled glass bottles, and some fire bricks? Drooling over wood-fired oven pizzas? Building a wood fired earth oven is easier than […]

Outdoor Kitchen Made From Repurposed Pallets

By chris grolleman

Outdoor kitchen and wall entirely made of recycled wooden pallets.

Diy: Simple & Easy Pallet Outdoor Bar

By Neokentin

This a very easy project you can do with only 2 old pallets, some white paint, and 3 pavers. This little pallet bar will be perfect to prepare your terrace […]

Pallet Wood & Upcycled Metal Cage Garden Furniture

By a piece of rainbow

These benches and table are a fun blend of rustic wood, fresh colors, simple clean lines, and a touch of industrial gab-ion. They are made from reclaimed pallet wood, a […]

Garden Bar Made from Reclaimed Timber and Discarded Pallets

By Neokentin

The garden bar made from reclaimed timber and discarded pallets. Always wanted your own pallet bar? It’s going to be a hot hot summer (I am optimistic)… This outdoor bar […]

Diy: Outdoor Pallet Patio Set

By Neokentin

This is an outdoor futon I made from two blue pallets. I then upholstered foam for the cushion and sewed pillows using outdoor fabric. The table is from one pallet. […]

Recycled Key Wind Chime

By trashycrafter

My grandpa gave me this ziplock bag of old keys a while back, and I never knew what to do with them, so I decided to make a wind chime. […]

Lovely Way To Reuse Old Wooden Crates And Lavabos

By Neodim

Old wooden crates to planters!

Solar Star

By Neokentin

A solar powered glass sculpture…beautiful by day, stunning by night! Made of repurposed glass vases, dishes etc.

How to Convert Old Chairs into a New Bench

By Neodim

This is the kind of story we like! Well done Mak & Jill! “I found these cute old chairs at a garage sale for next to nothing. The seats were […]

Diy: Paper Bags Floor

By Neokentin

These are the steps to do a floor out of paper bags: Tear brown paper bags or painter roll and make sure edges are torn – not cut. Crumple for […]

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