Diy: Simple & Easy Pallet Outdoor Bar

You can do this a straightforward project with only 2 old pallets, some white paint, and 3 pavers. This little pallet bar will be perfect for preparing your terrace for this summer! :)



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Ulrike Hendry

Das erste Mal, dass mir so ein Palettendings gefällt..

Marte Kristine Andresen

Nora Marie Andresen utebar i hagen?

Nora Marie Andresen

Uuuuuh! Fancy!!

Pascal Lan

Gabriel Lan pour être raccord avec Jules

Diane Long-Zeber

Very Cool!!!

Esther Wijnants

Deze is ook leuk Monique Robert

Monique Robert

Die wist ik al en zit in de planning. Onwijs leuk he

Mariejeanne Van Steen


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