Handmade Driftwood Trees

The handmade trees Driftwood is the perfect choice if you do not like the usual plastic trees and looking for a more special decoration idea. Ideal for every decor such as classical, country-rustic, romantic chic, modern-minimal, Eco-friendly, and can be used to decorate homes, offices or shops windows.
All trees (except the one with the triangular shape) can be integrated in the decoration throughout the duration of a time and you can decorate with: flowers for spring, decorative paper eggs for Easter, lanterns and shells for summer, jars with tea lights and nuts in autumn etc… indoors or outdoors.
Also ideal decorative proposal for various event like a wedding or christening and you can hang with satin ribbons favors or candlesticks or used as wish trees. Due to the lightness of the material can be manufactured in small or medium size to place eggs in the center of a table or in a corner on the floor or at the entrance of the church or reception in one event and made in large dimension creates a stunning effect… All these handmade driftwood trees and other projects can be found on my website. Manufactures with love and you can order the dimension, color and shape you want.
Because…you can’t buy love but you can buy handmade that is kind of the same thing…






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Denise Pineau
Denise Pineau


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