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Diy: How to Make a Copper Penny Floor?

By BJT2019

Want a floor that will stun your guests and really wow your friends? Try a copper penny floor! Use beautifully shiny pennies and create the ultimate recycled floor from all your old change. Read about it here!

Copper Penny Upcycled Into Buttons

By Neodim

20mm copper penny upcycled into original buttons.

Shower Floor Made Out Of 5382 Pennies

By Rancher Girl

Create a beautiful shower floor with pennies, for this one, 5382 pennies were used!

Fireplace Decorated With 5,400 Pennies

By Neodim

The tile in our dining room fireplace was old and severely damaged so after some Google inspiration and pricing new tiles; we went with pennies!! Check out our penny fireplace […]

My Dads Old Tool Cabinet

By Neokentin

I wanted something my Dad made with his own hands and decided on his old tool cabinet. I decided to make a Bar out of it. The top is made […]

Penny Necklaces with Vintage Images

By Neokentin

Who uses pennies anymore? This question led me to create penny necklaces, fun and unique jewelry, using pennies and exquisite images from various vintage books and magazines I have collected […]

Cubes Made of 1000 Pennies

By Neodim

The medium of choice for artist Robert Wechsler is U.S. pennies, tens of thousands of which (the largest uses 26,982 coins) he has carefully cut and assembled into a latticework […]

Floor of Pennies

By Neodim

A floor literally tiled with thousands of copper pennies… it’s pretty surprising to look down and see them when you walk into The Standard Grill in the Standard Hotel New […]

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