Upcycled Piano String Into Bracelet

By Agy

Did you know pianos can be upcycled into more than just furniture pieces? What about jewelry?

Sound Wave: Sculpture From Old Piano Keys

By Neokentin

Check out this wall sculpture made from old piano keys!

Cork Recycled Art Piano Hat

By BeautyofHats

My friend owns a champagne business. One day she came to me with a bag full of recycled: champagne corks, wire and the cork’s aluminium cover. She asked if I […]

Old Piano Upcycled Into Aquarium

By Neokentin

We already showcased some originals aquarium like this old iMac or Phone booth Aquarium but we could never imagine that an old piano could be transformed and upcycled into a […]

Salvaged Piano Desk

By Neodim

This beautiful piece of art was made using a salvages piano. This is a great minimalist workspace for either you iMac, MacBook, iPad or just a pen and paper:) You can […]

Piano Man Sculpture

By Neokentin

The Piano man is made by Stephanie Powell using piano parts, light globe, golf tees, furniture leg and odd bits of wood.

Piano Frame Bookshelf

By Neokentin

We have been seeing all these older pianos being thrown out and left on the side of the road. So we got to thinking why not put them to use. […]

Upcycled Piano Staircase

By Neokentin

A creative and innovative way to reuse old piano parts into an incredible staircase! Two upright pianos were used by Tim Vincent-Smith to build it. My brief was to take […]

Parsova Piano Project

By Neokentin

Our church was damaged by hurricane Sandy and we did not have flood insurance. One of the old upright pianos was damaged. So we removed the keys, the inner mechanisms […]

Piano Bar

By Neokentin

1929 Kimball Upright transformed into a liquor cabinet/bar.

Recycled Old Piano Parts Ilap Guitar

By Neokentin

I made this 6 string lap guitar using the wood and tuning pins from a 100 year old piano that was heading to the dump. I took all the wood, […]

Piano Bookshelf

By Neokentin

This is a piano from the first part of last century and made in Riga Pianofactory. The group of this piano was harmed and the crux’s were broken. As work […]

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