by Janet Nelson

Parsova Piano Project

Our church was damaged by hurricane Sandy and we did not have flood insurance. One of the old upright pianos was damaged. So we removed the keys, the inner mechanisms and wires and made jewelry.
The “ivory” keys were cut up and waterslide decals with images of Barnegat Lighthouse, stained glass windows and LBI slogans were applied and coated with resin. After soaking off the hide glue, some of the hinges were painted to look like cats and bunnies and made into pins and earrings. The copper from the copper wound steel piano wires, were removed, cut up and imbedded in resin along with LBI beach sand and used coffee grounds and made into pendants.
The Parsova (parts of a) Piano Project has generated in the neighborhood of $3000 so far towards the cost of church restoration.


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