Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

By ecogreenlover

Repurpose a soil bag and turn it into a draw-string bag.

Corrugated Cardboard Lamp Features Plastic Bag Lampshade

By mpo

This DIY tutorial will teach you how to create your own lamp made from ordinary materials that you have around your home.

Christmas Angel Ornaments From Re-used Plastic Sandwich Bags

By Neokentin

They shine like pearls, these bags. Throwing them in the bin after use: that’s a sin for me. Finishing my lunch I put them in my pocket. The idea to […]

Necklace Balls Made with Recycled Fruits Plastic Bags By Finnish Designer Aino Faven

By Lea Turto

Much of our waste today is plastic, which is made from petroleum, is a material that the Earth cannot digest. Designer Aino Faven thinks the best designers could do to design long-lasting things timeless in form and durable in use.

I’m Not Like That Anymore

By Neokentin

I made this entirely from repurposed materials.

Upcycled Plastic Bag Into Christmas Decorations

By Upcycled Design Lab

I know that some folks think plastic bags should be outlawed, but I think of them as crafting supplies. I made these pom pom balls and fused plastic ornaments because […]

Earrings Made Of Fused Plastic Bags

By Helena Andreasson

This is a funny way to recycle plastic bags. I just melt them together by ironing. Like everything else at my blog I show you how to do it.

Fused Plastic Bags Wall Decoration

By Helena Andreasson

I made a wall decoration by fusing slices of old plastic bags into buns. I used chain and wire to put them together.

Melted Plastic Bags Into Tiny Characters

By Neodim

I made those cute characters by using an electric iron to melt old plastic bags from different colors. It should be noted that a special care must be taken when […]

Recycled Vs. Upcycled: The Difference in 2 Infographics

By Neokentin

Here are two infographics by hipcycle that will show you the difference between Upcycled and Recycled through two simple examples, wine bottle and plastic bag are the perfect ones! No […]

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