Necklace Balls Made with Recycled Fruits Plastic Bags By Finnish Designer Aino Faven

Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists. Aino Faven works as an artist whether it is a piece of jewellery, a lamp, a mobile or a tapestry.

The pieces made of translucent plastic bags are detailed comments on the large trash islands floating in our oceans and endangering our nature and wildlife. They are also memorial garlands for birds and other animals that have died from eating plastic waste.

Aino Faven wishes we could to educate young people to respect the environment. Not only in words, but in actions. She has also been working in many educational projects. Example “The Flower curtains“, made of plastis bags of the fruits. at the Subway station of Helsinki…

Asistants: 100 Pupils from three primary schools near by the subway station.

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