#recycled rings

When Art & Wine Collide

By Neokentin

As an artist, I’m known for repurposing objects into my paintings (My art site nataliestarnes.com was featured on Recyclart in April of 2011). After working in the wine industry over […]

Bubblebugzzz: Rings for Insect Lovers…

By Neokentin

The insects I made of recycled nespresso coffee capsules, a few years ago caught the eye of a jewelry designer. The BubbleBugZzz rings were born from this encounter … The […]

Antique Key Rings

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Justin Marsh hand-hammers rings from authentically antique keys; each a unique piece of history. Most of our keys come from the early to mid 1900’s, and they all have their […]

How To Recycle Old Coins Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Hi! I’m an Italian craft girl and I use to create using recycled things. Usually, I make bags with tetra pack and olds clothes. But now I want to show you […]

Billiard Balls Rings

By Neokentin

Used pool (billiard) balls upcycled into unisex rings, made by Eleanor Salazar.

Paper Rings

By Neokentin

Rings made out of paper, wearable and waterproof art that helps the environment and makes you stylish.

Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellery

By Neokentin

Don’t be puzzled! This is upcycled jewellery made from jigsaw puzzles and buttons! This particular series is made using a Map of Australia puzzle, so you might spy some iconic […]

Rings for Women from Recycled Paper

By Neodim

Jeremy May has captured the beauty of paper via a unique laminating process. Littlefly paper jewelry is made by laminating hundreds of sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. […]

Ecofriendly Ring Boxes

By Neokentin

Have you ever wanted to “wrap” rings using a package that is original, cheap and eco-friendly ? How about starting saving those egg containers you obtain from your local supermarket […]

Bowl Made Out Of Upcycled Wooden Curtain Rings

By Neokentin

I made this bowl using old and unused wooden curtain rings!

Innercycle Lamp

By Neokentin

Les presento InnerCycle, la última lámpara de Hecho Diseño en la línea sustentable, inspirada en la bicicleta como objeto de culto y reutilizando material de las mismas. En este prototipo […]

Ring Shank

By Neokentin

The ring shank is made from a stainless steel spoon handle, the ring has interchangeable heads. I made the thread for the interchangeable heads by cutting off a 5ml screw […]

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