by Silbernagel Angélique

Nespresso Capsules Ring

Ring realized from worn capsules Nespresso as well as from diverse recycled elements.

Karteko is a workshop(studio) of ecological Design.

I realize furniture and objects with salvaged materials there for 6 years now. By concerns(marigolds) of ecology and also economy, I came there to get back materials and other rubbishes which the bulky waste of cities offered to create our own furniture. After several participations with diverse competition(help, competitions) of creations and of positive returns, I dashed and created this place to make you discover the result(profit) of my work.

The Karteko workshop, proposes a wide choice of realizations stemming from the recovery(recycling). I also propose studios(workshops) for the adults and the children having for theme the creation of cardboard furniture or the transformation(processing) of materials found in your everyday life(daily paper).



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