by Patrice Patrice

Castaways: Vintage Glass Necklaces

These really creative and pretty necklaces are made with love and a few other things. Find a small vintage glass bottle and clean & soak if needed. Next add a chain from an old necklace or a thrift store that is a length you would like. Look through your old jewelry for charms or use some pieces of beach glass or polished old tiles from old broken pottery or old plates or cups. Wire the bottle around the neck and add the chain. Leave a few inches of chain dangling down to hook the charms up to. If you are using items like beach glass, just wrap the wire around the tile and hook with a couple of craft store rings. Now comes the most important part – Find some really pretty beach sand and fill. Add a hand written poem or an inspirational word and add a cork .

Ingredients Ideas:

  • Small glass bottle recycled. Soak and Clean if needed
  • Cork, small jump rings – Craft Store
  • Chain – use an old necklace or craft store or flea market find
  • Adornments – old charms, tiles, beach glass, old earrings, button, even an old small key

Finally, add your own inspirational word, handwritten poem rolled up, or even text from an old book. The best instructions I can give you are – Be Creative! Have fun looking for the treasures! And finally – Wear it and be proud that you have created a beautiful and amazing necklace and work of art!



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