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Upcycling Dress from T-shirt and Leggings


A video tutorial on how to make a dress out of an old t-shirt and leggings!

Upcycle Textiles into Furoshiki Purses: Using Knots & Folds

By sesemelatte

You can turn all kinds of old textiles from various items such as shawls, bedsheets, old dresses, and skirts etc. into Furoshiki purses. This is an ancient Japanese craft of […]

Upcycle & Refashion an Old Boring T-shirt

By sesemelatte

We all have old t-shirts stored in our closets. Some are too big, too small, frumpy or just plain boring and old. Here is a way to recreate and refashion […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Make This Suspender Skirt Using Old Shirts

By Neokentin

This Suspender Skirt idea is a great project for beginners. It will take you about two hours to make it. To finish the raw edges use a zigzag stitch on […]

Refashion Challenge

By Olivia Riley

This piece is an up-cycled outfit made from a vintage yellow men’s shirt and a vintage floral dress.

Upcycling an Old T-shirt Into a Modern Top


In this quick and easy DIY video tutorial you will learn how to upcycle a boring t-shirt into a modern crop top or minidress. I was inspired by a pinterest […]

How to Refashion Trousers into a Top

By Agy

Learn how to take two pairs of trousers and transform into a beautiful summer top! I made this in one afternoon and wore it at a wedding. Level: intermediate

Old & Unused Dress To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

After I had shown recently on my blog how to sew a drawstring bag from a mini skirt, I was asked by a friend if I can do the same […]

Skirt To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

I can’t stop making bags! They are just so easy to sew and pretty! Recently I discovered that one can make a drawstring bag out of a mini skirt and […]

Upcycled Skirt Worn 4 Ways

By Agy

Reduce the number of clothes you need! Upcycle your skirt so that it can be worn FOUR ways!

From Skirt to Top

By Agy

How to transform your old skirt into a top in 3 easy steps!

Goldie’s Glamorous Goldtone Earrings

By Neokentin

These actually look cool from a distance because you can’t tell that they are made from plastic packaging as they just have a beautiful metallic tone. From a distance they […]

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