Recycled Plastic Restaurant Art Makes Waiting Fun!

By five.factorial

Things you can do from tabletop supplies at a restaurant while waiting for food! :)

An Upcycled Greek Tavern

By Artizachen Jaffa

Yamas is a modern tavern located in the heart of Beit Yanai mall in Israel, yet produces anti-mall-thesis of atmosphere and design. The idea was to create authenticity of a […]

Pallet Wall for This Restaurant in Antwerp

By Neodim

Here is a famous restaurant in Belgium proposing handcrafted meatballs! We noticed the decoration of their Antwerp restaurant made partly with pallets used as complete pallet wall decor and also […]

Mobile Pizzeria in a Shipping Container

By Neodim

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria designed to bring Neapolitan-inspired pizza to the people, rather than drawing them to a fixed location(San-Francisco). It features a 5,000-lb Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick […]

Recycled Pallets Into Stools

By Neodim

Pallet stools at a pop-up restaurant by Joost Bakker for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The whole building and all the furniture were made from reclaimed materials.

Old Door Reused Into Restaurant Menu

By Neodim

This old & vintage door was reused as a restaurant menu by simply adding a chalkboard. Simple & nice!

Restaurant Waste into Bags and Skins

By Neokentin

Plastenka is a creative girl who turns the trash from Budapest’s many restaurants into individually designed, handmade, unique and beautiful courier bags, lap top skins, wallets, etc. She also makes […]

Gas Station into Restaurant

By Neodim

In Bangkok, a Shell gaz station during the day is transformed at night to become a restaurant! I think I would’n take the table near the pump…

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