Pallet Wall for This Restaurant in Antwerp

Pallet Wall for This Restaurant in Antwerp 1 • Recycled Pallets
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Copyright pictures:
Pallet Wall for This Restaurant in Antwerp 4 • Recycled Pallets
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Copyright pictures:

Here is a famous restaurant in Belgium proposing handcrafted meatballs! We noticed the decoration of their Antwerp restaurant made partly with pallets used as complete pallet wall decor and also many types of furniture like benches, chairs or tables. This goes perfectly with the industrial look of the restaurant. Searching for more pallet wall inspiration? Check out this post by 1001Pallets (the top resources for pallet projects) on 16 beautiful pallet wood wall ideas!


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Jon Kelsey

looks like a dump.

Nanouchka Pampam

I’m loving it

Amalfi coast
Amalfi coast

Great! Very interesting post!! regards from Italy

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